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I'm going to hibernate this instance during the winter. See you all in the spring!

I'm going to hibernate this instance during the winter. See you all in the spring!

baby steps with technical pens & ink 

Lessons learned:

- The ink I have dries slowish, so doing a run of multi-color plots will be slower because of the drying time.

- It saturates the paper much more too, so for denser plots I probably can't get away with copy paper for some things. :)

- Mixing a tiny bit of black into the orange ink gave it a really nice inconsistent shade. Playing around with this should be fun.

- Next time don't do smallish text with the widest pen. :)

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baby steps with technical pens & ink 

I'm doing my first plot with a refillable technical pen. I got some inks to play with alongside my ink-making experiments.

Plotting a Geodes LP cover in gold ochre, daffodil and orange right now. :)

I'll practice with inks meant for these types of pens a bit first before I clog them up with raw raspberries and other nonsense. (Gotta learn how to clean the dang things properly first I think!)

This is exciting and fun and just in time b/c I need to start plotting a few hundred booklet pages pretty soon...

I finally picked this other Bongos Ikwue record: Tear Drops. This one backed by The Groovies and features a super emo cover of Bongos.

The title track is such a nice slow jam. <3

There's actually soooo much ink that that extra fine point blue sharpie was just coating its tip with the ink on the paper, after several hours of plotting: no blue. Just a surface massage of the existing ink. ;-)

So I'm starting a NEW final pass with a normal fine point light blue sharpie -- the kind with the big felt tip. There's ink going down now, boy howdy.

This is going to end up real dark, but that could be cool. I just hope a nice shellacking of blue over everything finally neutralizes that horrible red/green I kicked things off with. :)

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New Distant Fires Burning album / covid mention 

This wonderful new Distant Fires Burning album was just released today.

Gert is a social worker and a fantastic composer (using electric bass in his work extensively) and is exploring his experience with Covid in this first volume of `Inperspectycon`:


The yellow layer finished at 2am. I started it at 7am -- about 19 hours to plot. I was going to take a day off but screw it, I'm about an hour into the final blue layer now. There's so much ink on the page it barely registers as blue, just a lightening / mild smearing. I'll take pictures later since Paul asked but fwiw I'm not broadcasting success stories here, just fucking around. (For anyone just tuning in...)

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Onto the yellow layer today. I think this is helping chill the red/green vibe out a bit. I think I'm going to use a light blue for the final pass instead of a purple since there's already so much red...

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Colors turned out totally different than expected -- this was meant to be neon orange and light green, but it looks like red & dark green!

Two more layers to go: I'll use yellow for the yellow layer and purple for the black layer. (This is from a CMYK source.)

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Props to the person or persons who rebuild this stone tower whenever it falls down.

This is the first time I've seen driftwood supports incorporated -- it's taller than usual!

Perfect Sound Forever interviews Mats Gustafsson about listening to music today 

"The speed of getting access to knowledge might not be that important in my perspective. I have to point out that it is GOOD when things take time. To reach a deeper understandance and an emotional and intellectual connection to what we are listening to. Music, art and life should be like that. It should take time. We will never be finished with "it.".. anyway. Life is not about perfection. It is about RESEARCH!

No deeper knowledge is reached, by clicking once... I am looking for deeper knowledge and content. In music, art and poetry that can change the way we look at life and related matters. "

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