Wintertime Me: if only I had time, I would be able to do all these things I want to do.

Also Wintertime Me: I have time now. Good night, see you again in 12 hours when there is sun outside again.

Maybe instead of pursuing a music career I'll just watch old episodes of Broad City.

Loudly & late at night is the best way to listen to lowercase music.

Oh, yeah maybe I feel like I'm getting sick because I've had a rotting pumpkin on my desk for like a month. Doh...

Just noticed it was sinking like a deflated tire and when I picked it up... yeah, gross.

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Noted: don't give the handsome boy catnip treats right before you go to bed. Jekyll has become Hyde.

I’m only 33 pages into Box Office Poison but it’s already way better than every other comic I have read this year. (Which is not very many, but I’m starting to get into them I think?)

Basically spending the whole day reading in bed with my cat. This is fine.

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