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Finally got around to updating pippi's readme. Hopefully I'm doing a better job now of explaining what it is and what it is like to use.

Also there is this garish image.

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The Mahabharata on social media 

true tales of working the web 


microsound, unit generators 

The GNU make book 

I can't honestly tell if this is working as intended right now, but it sounds pretty neat.

open workshops 

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open workshops 


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Nothing like documenting your software to realize how it is broken and unfinished!

writing docs 

Oh my god I just found an audio recording I made of my cat's old automatic litter box... (a hand-me-down that had a great skronky dying motor sound when it swept away the litter) ...and my cat looks REALLY confused right now. He's moving super slow and cautiously looking around my desk area for his former arch-nemesis: litter box robot.

Currently listening to church bells, birds & someone mowing their lawn about four years ago in my previous neighborhood.

Almost through listening to an alternate 60 minute mix of a series of ~20 hour long noon field recordings I did in 2016...

Almost for a moment felt like spring again. :)

I'll have to do another series in my new town this summer...

It's that time of the day to go read & listen to & favorite everything posted in @paul's feed.

Made some more progress on the first pippi tutorial to cover sequencing and rhythm so far -- look ma, a drum beat!

Ugh I hate the internet sometimes.

I opened my browser about 30 minutes ago to add a new key to my github account so I could push a commit.

About 10 tabs and a dozen diversions later I just remembered that's why I had the stupid thing open in the first place...

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