I started reading the false Quixote today which I'm sorta surprised to find is pretty good, tho pretty harsh toward the main characters. (Where the real Don Quixote is very simpatico.) Part of me soooorta wonders if Cervantes actually is Avellaneda because that would be an amazing prank.


Write a sequel to your own novel under a pseudonym who is both overly pious and more vulgar and spends a bit of time insulting you... then write a better novel that establishes a true history against the backdrop of this false history, and have characters from the false history come into the true history to establish and testify that it is false and having met the true Quixote they can see how false and bad the false Quixote is, etc.

I mean Cervantes is a genius if you ask me so I wouldn't put this past him, but that would be one hell of a great prank.

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