So basically to support both basic unison / note overlapping and anything except equal temperament at the same time I'm going to have to split events so that every channel has no overlapping notes, and spillover from lack of available channels is handled with multiple overdubbed renders.

I would use MTS directly but it's not supported by the (otherwise awesome) soundfont library I'm using.

This workaround seems better than implementing soundfont support from scratch although I might just try hacking MTS support into a fork of this lib instead... 🤔



Still, I guess if it's all in MIDI anyway, this just means extra time faffing with it and doesn't change your composition.

Is this MIDI over an 8 pin DIN or over USB or something else? Floating point MIDI is more widely supported than I would have thought.

@celesteh From the score/composition side, everything is in an event list format that uses floats for frequency, etc -- I'm working on wrapping a really cool little soundfont library whose API is unfortunately very MIDI-centric and doesn't directly support MTS/fractional notes. Soundfont support is really fun & useful to have, this library (tinysoundfont) is great and fast and clean but very MIDI! I'm thinking about changing the lib instead of using workarounds tho...


I've never actually used soundfonts. Is this specific to a particular operating system or have I just been missing out?

If you write the utility to do all this MIDI crap, you'll only have to write it once, hopefully, and there's a lot of pre-existing code you can borrow. On the other hand, I'd also be impatient.

It sounds like it would be possible to set this up to auto-render and then go for a walk while it ran. maybe.

@celesteh It's an open source format for instrument samples. Here's a (free) soundfont I've been trying out recently: It's also not that hard (just tedious) to create new ones with something like polyphone so having support for the format in my music system will be very nice! The renders using tinysoundfont so far are actually really fast but I'll have a coffee anyway. ;-) Definitely looking forward to having this sorted and getting back to the project that uses it!


Ah, faster than real time! Very nice.

I use an analogue mono synth, so have to be far more patient than this!

I'll check this out. When I'm digital, I usually make my own sounds in SuperCollider, but it would be nice to have a wider pallet

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