Firefox stallouts are driving me nuts.

The honeymoon period is over typing passwords all day with librewolf, otherwise I wish I could switch or know what about:config incantations can take me there.

I thought some tuning today based on the arch wiki's FF performance suggestions fixed it, but it's almost as bad again now.

~2-3 second halts every 2-3 seconds. I can move my mouse to the second monitor and it becomes responsive immediately.



Happy FF user since forever until this started... a month or two ago? It's just gotten progressively worse and worse. I've verified my places database, moved settings into a ramdisk, tuned max background processes, disabled web workers. Whyyyyyyyyy

Extension-wise I'm down to just privacy badger and uBlock origin. I'll be real sad if one of them is the problem... I guess I haven't tried removing them yet.

In a way that's a relief. Stalling is just as bad will zero extensions installed.

But why, firefox? Why?

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