The new Japanese restaurant in my tiny ass town is excellent. It's also two blocks from me.

Sushi two blocks away is dangerous. I'm gonna eat all the sushi. All of it.


Moving from population ~600,000 to ~27,000 is lots of fun but I did eventually miss easy access to good sushi. I guess now life is perfect. 😛

@hecanjog wow — I thought moving from population 24 million to 2 million was a big change. Can’t imagine a 27k town that’s not part of a larger metro sprawl.

@kr4dio It is a big change! The 600k city felt like a small town to me at first. :) I'm jonsing for nature and hygge right now so it's nice to have the Mississippi two blocks away, with bluffs and eagles and a giant wildlife preserve on the other side, etc. We're surrounded by bluffs or the water on all sides so there isn't really any possibility of sprawl. Amtrak isn't what it used to be but we've got a station so it's easy to get to a big city if I want. (I haven't wanted yet tho!)

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