Is anyone else planning to go to the symposium at Wesleyan in March? Any idea what is going on with the registration system at the moment? 😕

Another query for those in the know -- when does the conference actually kick off on the 27th? I can arrive by train at 9pm but I don't want to miss the keynote!

@hecanjog I feel like I never even received an email saying the call was open.

@celesteh Yeah I am not finding any information about this beyond that half-broken Wesleyan site... I hope it's really happening! The note about James McCartney giving a keynote about some new system he's working on is exciting. (Unless the conference page just updates the year automatically and this is a reference to the 2009 keynote where he talked about faust a bit...) I'm a bit confused!

@hecanjog Would you mind posting a query to the email list? I'm offline from email for the next 12 hours.

AFAIK, the keynote information is correct.

I don't think I can get off work if I'm not presenting anything, alas.

@sciss @celesteh Ah, I'm glad to hear this is happening! I noticed that students are back on the 20th, so I'll wait to get in touch with Ron Kuivila until later this month, everyone might still be on holiday. :) Thanks for the info! Sound as pure form sounds very intriguing...

@sciss ah bummer -- and heh, yeah 😬 I noticed that too... (well Firefox screamed it at me, really)

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