"Wireless access requires a minimum screen resolution of 1920x1080"


Hi all radio.af folks! Just FYI I upgraded mastodon to version 3.0.0 which includes a shiny new audio player.

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Woot, fixed the voice handling situation with soundfonts in pippi so maximum overlapping unisons don't steal voices unless they absolutely have to.

A major design flaw in MIDI imho: noteons and noteoffs colliding on note values.

I guess you could workaround it with a CC side channel modulating release-per-note, and just don't ever let notes overlap? Seems awkward any way you wanna do it tho.

The Tukey osc sounds pretty nice and thick when it is symmetric/reflected around zero. I did something more fun with the shape of the morph param on this render too just for fun.

Buried in hours and hours of renders (I'm drowning in renders!) suddenly: Don Davis-style Matrix horns 🧐

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Here’s Why Spiky Shapes Seem Angry And Round Sounds Are Calming - @EmmaELYoung@twitter.com digests a recent @RSocPublishing@twitter.com paper from @beausievers@twitter.com @ThaliaWheatley@twitter.com and colleagues

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What people leave at payphones: A bag full of treble clefs. Whitney Avenue and Broadway in Elmhurst.

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Just made a new batch of Un -- DM me your mailing address if you want one!

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I think the most insidious term in the English language is “Manifest Destiny.“ They coined it to convey the myth that the theft of Native American land was both justifiable and inevitable. Every time it is reprinted in elementary school history books, it perpetutes that same myth

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Now playing on the phonography channel:
Erik Schoster - Steamboat Days Finale - Winona Minnesota [June 2019]

The magic number is 50101 | phonography.radio.af

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Something mysterious and beautiful-looking is happening at the Palmer Station in Antarctica right now usap.gov/videoclipsandmaps/pal

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