Something mysterious and beautiful-looking is happening at the Palmer Station in Antarctica right now

Giving the web UI a break for a while... this feels so much calmer.

Maaaaaybe going a little too far with animations for's BEAUTY channel page on

"I am the world’s foremost authority on Frans de Waard Record
Reviews" is a fine way to begin a Frans de Waard record review, lol

I'll have to do some testing, but there is a high frequency distortion / presence in the time domain convolutions I love that doesn't seem to be present anymore in these FFT renders. All sounding much smoother now. 🤔

The warehouse. These will be available in some cases direct from the artist, or (for free) by sending us a letter and asking.

It's done! Only 19.3 hours to render a 6 min 32 second long time domain convolution with a 193 second impulse... a frequency domain convolution would probably take seconds to render.

So I think I'll finish wrapping the KISSFFT implementation. 😜

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