@feoh thank you! It’s so helpful to have other folks kick the tires and I’m woefully behind on documentation...

@feoh Please feel free to hit me with Qs here or on github if you play around with pippi!

@feoh Thanks! The author of soundpipe is on the fediverse as well, he's also made a ton of other great audio and synthesis tools: @paul

It's weird porting a script I wrote about five years ago with an earlier version of the system into a total rewrite of the same system.

Ended up with a very compatible result to the old renders though.

"I do not hear anything but the EQs show there is something"

A gracious shopkeeper who went out of their way to look and see if this inaudible short-run CDr I want to buy from them is the same edition as the last inaudible short-run CDr I bought from them.

My raspberry pi 4 has survived three drops onto a hard wood floor from about 2 feet up.

My cat really likes or hates the cooling fans so he's been drop-testing it for me.

@paul The major downside is you don't get independent cache control on your images. I wouldn't use it to embed large images in most cases if those can be cached for a long time independent of the surrounding HTML

@paul It can be great for small sprites & icons to reduce the number of requests per page load -- easily used embedded in CSS files as background images as well for something like a translucent noise gradient or some such. I prefer inline SVG for icons usually though! (Also: the audio tag can accept base64 encoded mp3 fragments, I have used this trick to push audio interactively over a websocket... the more practical use is a silent placeholder for autoplay mitigation though...)

Ah cool the author also has a page with a bunch of games and experiments: goodclover.github.io/

I also have no idea what the hell it is but it was polite enough to welcome me several times!

This is a nice abuse of the wix platform for geocities-level internet homesteading: goodclover.wixsite.com/goodclo

I already forgot how I found this!

I think maybe I'll just wait for the videos to be posted again this year. Ah well.

Oh! I forgot 2 finally hit end of life: pythonclock.org

Python is dead, long live python!

Will there be an end of life party at Pycon2020?

Mr Cat managed to route my laptop audio through the tape out and disable the normal output with fader control of course.

Web development is starting to feel like it did 15 years ago and I'm actually kind of having fun again.

Getting familiar again with the state of standard APIs on a new work project, not to mention switching to a very simple Flask-based frontend middleware + no JS frameworks approach: just typed python & flask w/jinja2 templates, es7, scss, bash script and Makefile tooling... no npm nowhere!

It's nice to throw out the magical black boxes and get some work done... :)

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