I guess I'm just playing through all the Delarosa (and Asora) catalog today

US politics 

US politics 

US politics 

Open-Unmix - a new benchmark in music source separation:
sigsep.github.io/open-unmix/ - finally, fully open-source & high-quality music source separation. Well done folks! #deeplearning #machinelistening

I just heard about and browser today. Distributed web, here I come. This looks rad and no offense to the also actually like, maybe practical right now?

Huh. Freenode doesn't let me connect when I'm routing traffic thru a VPN? 😕

I'm tempted to try to finish the story Sancho (the false Sancho) starts to tell in the false Quixote:

(Paraphrased) "Once upon a time there were two mushrooms who went to look for kings under the sea."

I'm a latecomer (I think?) to pipenv, but I like it bery much.

Dogtown USA: population 2 dogs still driving me a bit nuts.

There are two dogs on the block now, and they have been barking at each other for three hours.

Keith Fullerton Whitman kind of helps. I guess I'm getting used to slightly more peace and quiet of a smaller town?

It's still pretty lively down here now that the students are back. Maybe I need to move to the woods.

Terre Thaemlitz' Deproduction being tagged as ambient on discogs is... technically accurate I guess. This is a very beautiful and very difficult record to listen to - not background music...

Also, for anyone interested, right now this is how I plan to do it:
-Contact HKers on reddit to clear up the current charity situations and ask which of the two funds to prefer
-set up a new Bandcamp page for it (I was thinking of releasing it under a label I am planning to launch, if there are no objections)
-once the crisis is over or anything happens where we can no longer send money to the charities, switch to free download with no way of payment (so I dont profit from it)

@aladar Thank you for organizing this. I'd like to contribute a track & either way would be happy to help with cropping / graphics duties as needed.

It's definitely written unsympathetically -- Quixote is basically a dense psychopath and Sancho is a hopeless idiot -- but I think you can read it sympathetically in the spirit of the original even while the narrator is being ultra-pious and condemning sins or whatever. I'm enjoying reading it, and sorta tempted to re-read the original after this...

(They also admit by comparison Cervantes' Quixote kinda beat it out of the park) -- anyway so far I agree with them. It's good enough to make me wonder if Cervantes wrote it as a brilliant ploy to add this crazy meta-plot element to book II. Even if not, it's pretty decent fanfic. (Even tho Avellaneda is def not a Cervantes fan lol)

Cervantes spends a fair bit of time in book II of the real Quixote talking about how shit Avellaneda is, and I got the impression the general consensus was that the false Quixote wasn't that great, but maybe I'm swayed by the translator's introduction where they ask you keep an open mind b/c they feel like had Cervantes never published the original, the false Quixote would have lived on as a great Spanish novel.

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