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Noted: don't give the handsome boy catnip treats right before you go to bed. Jekyll has become Hyde.

I’m only 33 pages into Box Office Poison but it’s already way better than every other comic I have read this year. (Which is not very many, but I’m starting to get into them I think?)

@smj my cat really liked this (so did I, great sounds)

Basically spending the whole day reading in bed with my cat. This is fine.

@cute "Osteen received significant criticism for not making Lakewood Church, a 606,000-square-foot, 16,000-seat former basketball arena, available as an emergency shelter for those displaced by the storm" Um. Yeah. Yikes...

@cute Eeek. Never heard of him but I understand after googling. Maybe bump some Amy Goodman when he's in the kitchen trying to nuke a hot pocket or whatever. :)

He totally has shitty sketches and fails to land some characters but there is some Scott Thompson spirit hovering over him during these trying times that makes it totally cool.

@lwr82 It would weigh a about 1/24th of the weight of the empire state building apparently. I had no idea what it would be coming into it, but seems like a nice testament to the economy of data storage. Imagine the world's data printed in a library. The world probably wouldn't be big enough to hold it.

@lwr82 That's about 1.56 million reams of paper weighing almost 32 million pounds

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