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Lady at the post office made sure to point out my LP packages would be subject to inspection and then asked if I even owned a record player. lol. My cover is blown!

I'm sitting next to an unfolding scene from Fargo and I want to go and hug everyone involved. My first real small town MN moment since moving here.

I wasn't sure if this track was done, but I can't seem to listen to it without almost falling asleep. Which means: don't touch it.

"I am the world’s foremost authority on Frans de Waard Record
Reviews" is a fine way to begin a Frans de Waard record review, lol

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made this record in 2000 processing voice, text, code, noise, field, bass and other stuff
it was my first solo work, released by Sue and Kit on #orthlorngmusork

Head Slash Bauch

Doh. Got excited to see a reissue of Stephan Mathieu's Radioland in Vital Weekly this morning (plus a 50 minute new thing!) but it's already sold out. :-/

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Practicing trombone while I watch ST:TNG as one does... and almost dropped it when Riker suddenly started tooting on his as well 🙃

I wonder if anyone has made a compilation of every scene from TV and movies where the characters scatter someones ashes and it gets blown back in their faces. I can't actually think of a single example where the ashes are scattered as intended.

Squeezing in a quick wrap of TinySoundFont while I'm in here adding things to pippi.

May get a little distracted tomorrow playing with general MIDI instrument renders. 😛

No. 102 - Goblin and No. 54 - Voice Oohs with No. 92 - Space Voice? Why yes, sure let's have some.

Wow, yeah it's really pronounced when listening just to the convolution layers. How big do I need to make my windows to get those high frequencies back? 😞

I'll have to do some testing, but there is a high frequency distortion / presence in the time domain convolutions I love that doesn't seem to be present anymore in these FFT renders. All sounding much smoother now. 🤔

Less than two days of vacation left, so much left to do!

I forgot how great it feels to work on music for a few days straight though.

Pippi finally has a frequency domain convolution -- thanks Project Nayuki!

The warehouse. These will be available in some cases direct from the artist, or (for free) by sending us a letter and asking.

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