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In order to change broken institutions, advocates need to work from within, not just throw stones from outside. So full credit to RMS for telling Microsoft how many ways they're still completely wrong... while standing in the belly of the beast:

This town is so tiny, I love it. My cousin's friend who is looking after my cat this weekend is someone I realized I see every day already.

Much less scary now that it's been running without issue for about a day. Also, suddenly I have almost 50GB free!

Whew, actually this dump is 50% minor nitpicks (good but not gonna lose any sleep) and 50% it's-a-bummer-by-design. Yay. :)

Oh good. End-of-the-day QA dump. Summary: it's all broke and you can't even begin to fix it until tomorrow so have a good night feeling bad about it and tomorrow you can try to fix it instead of doing the other work you've been trying to do for a week! A+

Buddhist email server that gets rid of all attachments

Wow! That's an opener!

"Our modern secular religion is the worship of markets as self-correcting, self-perfecting systems that merely demand that we all act in our own self-interest to produce an outcome that makes us all better off. Whenever corporations thrive by making us all worse off, we’re told to stop complaining, because it is the “will of the market” at work."

Just started running a script to chug through a couple terrabytes of WAV files and convert them to FLAC. Looking forward to some extra breathing room on my backup drives but it's a little nerve-wracking deleting the originals...

Hey I got up extra early to do the work thing with the servers and nothing even exploded!

The morning is a wide expanse in front of me now. Maybe I'll read a magazine about role playing games. 😛

On air soon! 4pm today, on, a documentary about Audio Illusions. Featuring, , myself, plus... who knows what?

Mahalia Frank presenting her work on the neuroanatomy that might explain what zebra finches can hear while still in the egg! #ibac2019 She's working with in our bird group at

(The other alternative is descriptive naming like: process audio, synthesize or process audio, insert and process audio, overlay and process audio, which at first seemed too generic to be useful but maybe the ultra-boring naming would be good in the end. It's fun to harvest a set of crops for prep and iterate over a set of recipes to bake and mix, etc etc though.

Naming my abstractions in a new thing after stages in a food lifecycle (crops, farms, prep, recipes, baking, mixing...) just to have something better than A, B, C, X, Y, Z -- but I have a feeling the names are going to end up sticking and I'm going to start thinking in terms of food preparation as I build this up.

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