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Why am I tempted to write a little auto-misspeller script using these dictionaries of commonly misspelled words?

I'll leave that link here for later, anyway...

A kick/snare boom bap is a conversational topic. If your boom bap is about furry animals and everything else is talking about that funny episode of Becker they caught the other night, the boom bap will sound flat. Bring more elements into the conversation.

This has been a friendly notice about kicks and snares.

The Tukey osc sounds pretty nice and thick when it is symmetric/reflected around zero. I did something more fun with the shape of the morph param on this render too just for fun.

It's also AMAZING how much faster it is than the same version of firefox. I have no idea why that would be.

I was annoyed at first that librewolf can't save passwords and doesn't (by default anyway) autocomplete URLs. After a few days I consider this a feature. (Also it's sort of fun it reports the current time as UTC and all javascript-derived times show me UTC times)

I think someone needs to fix the @NASA bot. Each time it toots something new, it also toots everything else again.


Steve Halpern's Inner Journey track on Crystal Suite is so subtly funky.

Music development process:

- Wait a few minutes on a render to complete then realize the phase is never incrementing.
- Accidentally play back that test render that just flips the speaker cone out hard.
- As soon as the dumbest idea comes to mind TYPE BUILD LISTEN

Teensy audio lib has lots of esoteric window shapes hard-coded in the lib. What the heck is a Tukey window?

Cool, wasted half a day chasing down an issue introduced in blink recently that changes the behavior of same-origin checks on iframes subtly in some cases. THANKS GOOGLE.

Very happy to see one of the earliest netlabels -- Brian Lavelle's techNOH (2000 - 2003) -- is still archived by the good folks at

How come the anticapitalist meme uses a frog? Nazis ruined frogs for me forever.

Why is librewolf so much faster than firefox? It's like crazy how much faster it is, but it's based on the same version of firefox.

Billy Drago as John Bly is the perfect creepy villain. He's always in a slow process of becoming delighted like he's watching the most beautiful butterfly climb out of its cocoon over and over.

Transformed my kitchen table into an electronics workbench! Complete with a little protective mat for soldering. Taped my cheapo digital scope to the side of the box with all the microcontrollers in it... so now my electronics workspace is sorted, maybe I'll get back to that software fix I was working on. :-p

Scrambled to plug everything into the UPS as the power warbled and lights flickered in the storm. Whew. Why didn't I do this before? One computer was plugged in, now all the important stuff is...

I used to have a recurring dream where I could freeze time forever and read _everything_ at leisure. Maybe that dream was beaten out of me.

Switching back to DWM feels like I just finally tied a shoelace that kept tripping me up.

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