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I wonder if there is an actually fun game that could be made around a real polygraph? Like maybe it involves trying to role play as much as possible without tripping the polygraph?

I just realized I haven't had a solid sit-down-and-write-some-music session in weeks... Maybe this is why I've felt so out of whack.

I'm really enjoying having the MEDIUM 2020 drone available on demand...

We might be doing these more regularly this year...

The Mahabharata on social media 

“Just a sec let me get the low cut on these channels sorted for you”

It’s obviously uncomfortable with little knob spikes everywhere and yet he MUST sit upon it

playing drones for about 20 hours 

playing drones for about 20 hours 

playing drones for about 20 hours 

The MEDIUM stream is setup nice, my apartment is configured to drone... now to figure out a lovely monitoring setup so tomorrow I can just wake up and all day.

Doing a practice / soundcheck drone live on for the next while or so.

I'm really tired of the drab almost-corporate default mastodon theme.

I write more than enough CSS for my dayjob and various side projects so I'd love to not spend a weekend rolling my own theme for mastodon -- but I haven't found any nice themes I can just dump into my instances config yet and tweak...


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