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Had some fun this morning at work generating fake addresses for batch testing. Nothing fancy, but I amused myself by using python reserved words as a mini dictionary for city name generation. (Standard library has them in the keywords module so no typing required!)

It's barely three years old and I can't find anywhere to actually get a copy. Closest I've found so far is one of the composers' websites with a non-functional store section that keeps redirecting to itself.

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There's a whole world of music happening in tiny concert halls, trickling out impossible to source releases... someone tell GEM about bandcamp. :( ... or RMN Classical, or Fondazione Russolo-Pratella, or even Wergo...

In the meantime if anyone knows how to track down a copy of this album, please let me know!

Forgot to add expires headers but otherwise looks basically the way most any simple static site should look!

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I'm helping a friend convert his website into a single file HTML document* he can edit himself. He sent me the text of the site as an RTF file. The site is meant to be basically a one-sheet, but it's a bit lengthy and I wasn't looking forward to manually reformatting all the text... then I discovered unrtf which converts from RTF to HTML. So that's basically all the tedious bits done already! Hooray!

* Well, I'm putting the header and footer into apache SSIs in anticipation of more pages

"Sound works that exploit the limitations of basic digital equipment, utilising a combination of malfunction, error and accidents to produce new data."

Sounds like analog recordings of digital devices. <3

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Oh yes, there is indeed a lot of great stuff happening inside. I wonder how these were created? Just creative microphones? Were they processed? The waveforms all look very analog-ish...

This is 60 seconds of track two slowed to 1/8th speed.

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I wasn't even going to bother listening to the raw audio but these are actually way more audible than I expected. At least I can hear an ever-so-slight patter of pops on track two... I keep thinking I hear the high tones but then I stop the recording and I still hear what I thought were the high tones, so...

Actually track two is the only one I can reliably make something out from. I'm curious how these sound brought into a normal range of hearing though.

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Details from the first four tracks of Immedia's In Audio which I finally tracked down. One of these discs (it was a series, mine is from February 1999) became the basis of Bernhard Günter's Monochrome White / Polychrome W/Neon Nails and Monochrome Rust / Differential series.

The Immedia CDs were experiments in inaudible sound (it's all extremely high frequency) but there is so much interesting _data_ here... I'm understanding better why Günter was inspired to do hours of reworkings from it...

Checking the sequence of this two hour long remix comp with the lying in bed and looking out the window test

writers block 

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writers block 

Looks like a lot of neat stuff on the way in mastodon 3.1:

Download buttons on media attachments is a good idea!

Woah, I just found the ruins of an old server I was running in 2011 and the puredyne group!

There's so much overlap with the folks I'm following on mastodon now. I completely forget about my brief flirtation with present has been in progress for quite a while!

Fleshed out the first and still currently only tutorial in the pippi docs some more today:

Found a number of bugs in the process. (Good!)

The new bits start to introduce other data types and modules like `Wavetable`, `fx`, etc...

I'm trying to call out the variety of ways to do things without it becoming noisy or overwhelming but in some cases I just need to bit my tongue and leave it for another tutorial...

Music store next door opens at the same time.

- Work at coffeeshop about 90 minutes before
- Go scope out some comics and possibly buy a lapsteel next door if I'm feeling crazy and the one I saw a while ago is still there
- Drop off rent at the bank
- Swing by the grocery store on the way home
- Never leave my house again

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Today I'm planning my day around the time when the comic book shop opens.


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